Enterprise Energy Management Solutions, Systems & Consulting

Grid2 provides enterprise energy consulting to users of commercial electricitynatural gas and utilities.

Custom Reporting

Generate custom reports based on individual site demand needs. Monitor usage activity with simple cloud-based tools.

Enforce Policies

Advanced software applications allow for triggered connections for enforcing policies that minimize energy

Management Tools

Optimize consumption and minimize usage to most effectively save money. Web-based tools allow for effective money-saving strategies for your power usage.

Usage Analytics

View real-time usage statistics, compare to past usage and configure plans for future savings. Helpful graphs provide access to timely and necessary information.

Advanced Automation

Utility trigger and automation tools allow for hands-off energy management procurement. Hedge energy purchases based on advanced commodity pricing.

Residential Solutions

Efficient utility management solutions for individual home and multi-family dwellings. Manage expectations and optimize savings.

The latest energy management software tools are giving utilities, corporations and individuals the ability to measure and track energy production and energy consumption like never before. Advances in grid computing and energy generation technologies now make it easier than ever to blur the lines between energy producers and energy consumers, allowing for distributed computing and distributed energy to reside in the same sphere.

Those looking to analyze and track energy consumption now have the ability to do so with ease. Smart grid networks also have the ability to pinpoint the outage at its source and alert utility operators before consumers may even be aware any issue even exists. Documentation of outages, consumption and generation can also be tracked on nearly the most base level, not only giving a more granular view of successes and potential issues but also empowering organizations and individuals with meaningful data and information.

Who we are

We are a group of business and energy professionals, specializing in optimizing energy consumption for business and environmental efficiencies.

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What we do

We provide electricity, natural gas and green energy solutions for enterprise and home use. We combine software with the most efficient energy supply .

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How we help

We utilize some of the most advanced tools on the market to help business and residential clients save money on their electricity. Request a custom quote.

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